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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Crazy Weekend

Well its 11:50pm Sunday night and im surpised i'm not in bed, i'm sooooo tired! My parents went away and will be gone for about 4 days, so i sort of had a few people over. It was just the usual fun i guess, drinking, took all 3 cars and drove to nowhere places, went to some highway that people never use and had races, played games on the road(outside my house, which is a quiet road) and just had fun. God i'll explain everything some more later on when i'm not so tired but it was fun!

(for those that understand what i'm talking about) Unregistered now..... i have a chance to go back, someone has offered to take care of it. I don't know though, i'm bored there now, they took everything away from me and i have no work to do anymore. I try hard.... i even paided someone to hand me a messed up engrave which i destroyed.... i thought guides took care of that? Heh... Neo.... like the best person every was in the new testing and she didn't tell me. Ok.. so she wasn't allowed to, i know.... but really i havn't spoken to her for ages. I really miss talking to her, let alone the good old days.. proberly when Ilios was elder and we were just GiT. Wow..... like i know i don't deserve any kind of special attention and people shouldn't like drop what their doing for me but like whenever i do see Neo lately, its like seriously always with Durant. Normally sleeping or something. omg there i go again.... just being a bitch, meh whatever. I LOVE YOU NEO!

I got a HEAP of pictures from the weekend, i just got to find time to get them off my brother and put them up. I will do this as soon as i can, i promise. I looked really bad in the picture of me and Brett......... actually i look bad in all of them.

I should really be off to bed, but i better remember to change this later and explain more of what we did on the weekend.

Bye for now

Thursday, September 08, 2005

What's new?

What's new in my world...? A lot, i think?
First thing is first, i recently moved into my new house with ym parents. It's awesome! We have two swimming pools, one inside and one outside, a sauner, like 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, 1 is getting redone, so 4 when it is finished!

Fathers day was on the 4th September for my world/country, my brother came over and we went out for the day. Spent a nice day at the part with the rest of the family, was a good day. Brett (my brother) came over early in the morning and helped me cook breakfast for my dad and stayed the night too, we cooked dinner and just had an easy night. Mum and i got him some chocolates, clothes and a exercise bike since he has always wanted one. Brother got him some more chocolates, the eagles dvd/cd thing and two tickets to some big show so my mum and dad are going to go their shortly.

This weekend coming my parents are going away for about 4 days soooo im just going to have a few people over, nothing major to crash the house though. Just the usual stuff, go shopping, followed by the beach and some drinks on the beach, perhapes spend the nights out and crash at home.... well crashing at home is the plan. :P

For those that understand this... my registration for nexus ends in about 3-4 days and i cant really afford to renew it and i really dont think i want to. Seems all the work i do there has been taken off me, i have like nothing to do anymore. No one seems to want to listen to me, take my help, help me or whatever so i guess ill give them a break of me. God, im working so hard, doing anything i can to make it up to everyone and perhapes become guide again some day but doesnt look like that will happen.
I mean im not asking to become guide now, but id love to see something to know i will be a guide in the future, at the moment i have no idea whats going to happen with me. AHHHH FUUUUCK i want to scream! - Sorry, i just had to let that out <3

Life lately.... has been going slow and sucks! Im losing my mind and going insane, this time it isnt the penguins stealing my sanity. God i started drinking at like 1:20pm today its now like 3pm! Sooooo early.

I miss HyonAn! Ive got sooooo much to tell her, i need to vent to someone, not in a bad way just tell someone all the crap that is going on. NeoPandora <3 awwwww i dunno she has been more focused on Durant lately, seems they are together irl now so she doesnt have much time for me like the good old days. god why am i being so selfish, im glad her and durant are together! she is the best, she is like the only one there i can talk to whatever about. I know there are a few.... perhapes two? people that enjoy my company. Takoda<3
Come back HyonAn!!!!! I miss you like crazy!!!! :'( I want to start over, get rid of GreatEvil and goto a poet subpath.

Ok i think ive written enought. Ill be back later to post more, but for now......
Bubi xx

Friday, August 26, 2005

Boyfriends........ PFFT

Well it's been a week since it happened. I bet now of you know what i'm talking about yet either.
Well i was going out with a good looking guy and it was going well till recently, he started to ignore me and it went on for about 2 weeks. Everytime i called him he said he was busy and he would call me back soon... i'd wait and wait, but he never called back.

So i decided to drop by his house one day and sort things out between us, once i got there he was shocked to see him but at least he invited me in. After a bit of small talk i started to question him, why he hadn't returned my calls, what was wrong, why he was ignoring me ect.... he basically made it clear it was over and i asked him one more question(don't remember what it was, but it was stupid) and he turned around and told me to piss off. I poked his shoulder and asked for an answer... jeez that was a mistake wasn't it!
He immedently spun around and hit me in the face, followed by a huge push which sent me to the ground. He told me to fuck off and he never wanted to see me again, with out doing anything else i got up and ran out to the car and sat there for a good 10mins. I couldn't believe what had just happened... a GUY hit me!
I pretty much sped home to get ice on it cause i could already feel it swelling up.... i stalled the car once on the way home too, i HATE manuals...!

So blah blah... i got home put ice on it and relaxed going over what had just happened. I really had no idea what to do so i spoke with a few people and they all told me to tell the police or someone to have it taken car of.
I called my brother and told him, how got a friend of his and paided Chris(bf) a little visit. I don't know, it was about 45mins after that i recieved a call from my brothers phone but it turned out to be chris. He was crying and screaming he was sorry... i didn't know what was going on but i didn't want to hear it and hang up.

Afterwards when i spoke to my brother he said they beat him up and broke an arm then left him beside a phone.....
Broken an arm!!?! OMG Everyone keeps telling me he deserved it but.... i don't know.

Hehe, that night my brother came around and brother over dinner. <3

I'm soooo hungry right now so i guess i'll wrap it up here.


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

First Post (Re-vamped!)

Ok yes, i'm writting this thing all over again.... cause last time i wrote it i had no idea what the hell i was saying! Some of it i can't believe i wrote and is embarrassing. Soooo....... fresh start!

My name is Cassie and i live in Queensland, Australia. I'm currently 16 but 17 next month on the 29th and i can't wait! I get my P's licence not long after my birthday, which is the second licence you get and you can drive by yourself.... even though i do that at the moment.. but shhhhh XD I'm like 55kg but i'm not sure how many pounds that is, so you can all work it out for yourselves.... cause i'm just lazy.

I have no [real] brothers or sisters but i do have one adopted bro! I love him to pieces and have know him for about 5 years now? He is like a best friend to me, i'll tell him anything, he helps me with a lot of things, gives me advice of whatever and vica versa.... he is just the best! For all the single ladies out here, he is single too and looking! :)

I think the beach, movies, my friends, guys, shopping, clothes, shoes, parties, games[including computer], meeting new people and just doing nothing all day(being lazy:P)
Speaking of the beach.... i havn't been for awhile since it's been winter over here and i need to tan up. I havn't been to the movies for awhile, awhile being... 3 weeks? Since i'm currently out of work..... which is good cause i hate work but bad cause i have no money. I LOVE ALL my friends, i love my brother and all the girls..... fun times! Guys... do i need to say more? Shopping..... i just love shopping for anything, mainly clothes and shoes though. I havn't bought anything for awhile.. again because i'm out of work. Parties..... well they are always fun. I like to have fun at parties but i do NOT hook up with some random guy...... all the losers at parties seem to think i do? I normally drag my brother a long, he gets rid of all the losers anonying me.... and he doesn't NORMALLY mind coming. Games.... well all types of games are fun ;) I also play a computer game called NexusTK which is the bomb diggity :P

I really can't think of much more to write..... but i will definitly post more later, i'm going to write a big fat post-it note and stick it to the moniter to remind me. I'll proberly end up taking it off cause its disracting but i'll try to remember without it :)
Bubi <3